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Dandelime bespoke furniture design is a sister business to Ergo Creative. Primarily designs for non-commercial, bespoke or one-off pieces with all designs by director Tom Walton. We have added a showcase of some of the projects below that cross over into the commercial or product design bracket; using CAD modelling, CAD visuals and prototyping techniques.


This lounger is hand crafted from aluminium. Its shape is inspired by the segments of a caterpillar in motion.  Designed as a modern garden sculpture for all seasons, the caterpillar lounger is more than just comfortable. This lounger makes good company for the caterpillar chairs.

Fish Lounger

This sculptural lounger has a silhouette inspired by a fish, with fins and a glimmering frame.  Handcrafted in Warwickshire from stainless steel and oiled Iroko.  Detail is key, as each slat is held to the frame by individually hand made, stainless steel, fishscale shaped brackets.  An ideal pool-side, deck or spa lounger, designed with simple curves. A cushion unique to this lounger is also included; handmade in Warwickshire from high quality outdoor fabric.

Feather Lounger

This lounger is a comfortable sculpture inspired by a feather in the garden. Handcrafted in stainless steel or aluminium.
This designer lounger is a piece of functional art that will be a centre piece for your garden all year round.
A cushion, hand made from weather resistant fabric, is included. (The cushion will vary from the images shown, as these are renderings).

This is just a small selection of our bespoke furniture design. For a better look visit our website:


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