Branding, Packaging & Website Design for Butti Eyewear Cases

Logo Design for Butti Eyewear Cases

The brand; sitting in the high quality fashion sector, required a premium logo design. We used bolder lettering for the name, as this was made into metal lettering to be pressed onto the product. The device is inspired by art-deco styling and contains a subtle ‘eye’.  It also reflects the shape of the case’s opening.



Packaging Design for Butti Eyewear Cases

The aim was to create a pack design that challenged the format for eyewear accessories. The premium look of the tube makes a premium impression when receiving and opening the product. The tubular format is the perfect shape to house the glasses case, giving both a protective and stylish presentation pack.

Website Design for Butti Eyewear Cases

For the online store we continued the theme, creating a premium website design. A fashion website to reflect the nature of the high-end product. The website design is fully responsive and minimises down for portrait tablet and mobile use.


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