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Need something digital designing?  Web design, development, animation and digital design for all! We work with businesses of all sizes, nationally and internationally, outputting creative digital designs, systems and communications for a variety of audiences.

We have a great big range of digital services: From unique responsive web designs, custom coding, bespoke digital systems and web development, to digital graphics, animation, videos, marketing materials and online campaign creation. Scroll down the page for an overview and get in touch with our team to find out more!

Web Design

We create mobile-friendly websites for tablets and smart-phones!
Either with a responsive web design that reacts to the changing size of the browser it is displayed on, or a dedicated mobile version of your website. A responsive website in short ‘responds’ to the screen size and orientation of the device it is being viewed on.This makes our websites mobile friendly.

We like to get your website earning a crust: 
Online platforms should actually do some work for you and not just be static! Get found and convert leads into sales. Using the latest SEO tools we can set you on the path to being visible online. 
Below are some of the types of Web design and builds we can do for you. Also check out our web design gallery to see what we have done in the the past for others.

Business web design

Creative web design solutions to get your business website noticed. From open-source CMS to custom systems.

Ergo work with businesses of all sizes, locally around Stratford-Upon-Avon and Shipston-on-Stour, as well as London, Europe, USA and around the world. We can develop a mobile-friendly, responsive web design that suits your business, budget and potential customer base. Have your website get to work pulling in some business for you!


Approximately 87% of UK consumers have bought at least one product online in the last 12 months!

The UK is second only to Norway for making e-commerce purchases in Europe. With this in mind, now is a ideal time to get your product or service online. Our web experts can offer a range of solutions including customisation of open source solutions like Opencart or WooCommerce, through to full custom solutions that will integrate with your current stock management system.

API/ data readers

Developing bespoke user-friendly property website designs and API websites.

Be it a property portal, recruitment management tool, or booking system. Often you might need to get data from a third party to your website. You see the terms, SOAP, REST, RESTful, JSON, XML, but don’t know what all the jargon means? Ergo does and specialise in building custom readers to display that data fully stylised within your website.

Business start-up

Get your business up and running online for less, with one of our professional Fresh Start Packages!

If your business is just getting started and need to get your a website up and running quickly and on a budget, then our Fresh Start website package is for you. Using one of our prebuilt designs you get the benefits of a professionally built website at a fraction of the cost. We’ll even give you 10% discount of a fully bespoke design if you choose to do it within 12 months of go live.

Web Development

Creating the right web system for you:
We work in partnership with clients to build a specification. We then recommend technology frameworks that will best meet the brief. If one doesn’t exist, we’ll make it, very useful for your R&D tax credits!

Content Management Systems (CMS):
We advise on the best Content Management System (CMS) for your new website, based on your feature requirements. We develop websites using ModXWordPressProcessWireOpenCart, and more!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), when enhanced makes your website more visible and ‘findable’ for your potential customers. All of our Content Management Systems (CMS) come with a fully integrated SEO section. This allows you to manage your SEO and get the most out of your website and search engine listings.

Responsive & Mobile-First Development
We develop mobile-friendly systems for tablets and smartphones! A responsive page reacts to the changing size of the browser it is displayed on, or we implement a mobile-first development strategy, meaning the mobile layout of a system is the first layout to be considered, and development for larger sized screens is then built outwardly from this.

Corporate systems

From simple message board systems to advanced sales incentive systems, our experienced team delivers a professional and valuable service meeting the latest web standards. Ergo can guide you through the process from start to finish.

Custom Code

Our web development team can custom code websites for your business. From tools and features, to fully custom built websites and web systems. If you have something that needs building then get in touch!

Web Apps

Our development team offers cutting-edge web applications across many industry sectors. We build web apps where the functionality and tools required are beyond that of a website platform, and package it as a neat web app.

Business tools

Custom building or integrating useful tools into your online platform, or creating tools to help you deliver your digital marketing strategy. Get in touch with our development team to find out how we can populate your digital toolbox!

Digital Design

We have a range of digital design services to help your business communicate externally to you clients and customers, or internal communications to your team members. From videos and animation to infographics and reports, we really make your digital media jump of the screen! Add digital design and movement to your website and social media platforms, or make you product easy to understand and intuative with user interface design and instructive videos.

There are many areas were we design things digitally, but these are the main ones we focus on:

Digital graphics

We create a wide range of digital graphics from diagrams and infographics to animated icons in svg or gif format. Digital graphic design helps communicate an idea in an easy to understand and more memorable way than a block of text. We use Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and after Effects to bring creative digital graphics to life.


We are all engaged by movement and captivated by stories. We can captivate your audience utlising photorealistic visualisations, animated infographics or video clips. We  work with augmented reality (AR) and VR too. Drawing from our expertise in product design and industrial design we can also create 3D renderings and visuals, animations or video clips.

User interface

Have a great product is no good if your customers don’t know how to use it! We develop creative, clean and user-friendly user interface designs for products and systems such as digital POS, apps,  management and control systems, onboarding systems, and other digital applications. We can create touchscreen or clickable demo’s for UI testing too!

Digital media & video

Tell a story to your staff, clients or customers, help them to understand or use a product or system,  explain something in a video clip. We can create and edit videos and digital media though your footage, or by creating an animation to tell the story for you. If a picture speaks a thousand words,  and a video is 60 frames per second- you do the maths!

Online Campaigns

Campaign Systems:
Generate leads and convert them into sales with a campaign system. We can either create a custom online campaign system for you, develop from existing systems or integrate the system you already use into your website or online platform.

E-Flyers & Newsletters:
Bespoke designed templates that you can edit yourself or we can edit for you, each time you send them. We can integrate bulk mailing systems into your website so you have one handy database of collected email addresses.

Leads & Conversions Analysis:
With analytics, tracking and statistics you can see how well your campaign is performing. By ‘split-testing’ campaigns you can see which performs best and why, so you can improve your next campaign!

Featured Digital Projects




Call us to find out how we can look after your website on a monthly basis with one of our packages so you do not have to worry about keeping it healthy and efficient. We perform checks, analysis, website maintenance and updates to your Content Management System (CMS).

We can keep all your software, plugins and CMS updated so that you are running on all the latest versions. This reduces the risk of bugs, viruses and hacks, as well as maintaining a smooth running and functional website that Google can easily trawl.

Web Works

Get your website working for you! Ergo can advise on the best and latest online marketing tools, methods and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) available. We can recommend those that fit specifically with your business and target your customers directly.

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