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Hello Ergo

HELLO ERGO Emblime has evolved into ERGO CREATIVE. Introducing our new name, studio & services. We are making some big changes here, firstly Emblime Limited is introducing our new trading name, ERGO CREATIVE AGENCY, as our primary design agency handle (to replace...

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Using 3D Printing for Injection Moulding

WHY 3D PRINTING FOR INJECTION MOULDING? This is just a short article as a starting resource for anyone interested in the potentially cost-effective benefits of 3D Printing Injection moulding tools! Traditionally you would associate Mould tools with expensive machined...

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Please Update Flash to Read This Blog

It's finally happened, after years of hanging on, Adobe has announced in a blog that Flash player has reached it's end of life. Or at least will do by the end of 2020. The plugin that pioneered web animation in the early 00s kinda became obsolete in the...

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TRIP LINKS APP BRANDED BY US LAUNCHES TODAY! The app makes business travel fun, connecting you with people wherever you go. The website we did for the launch is here: Get the app from here:   Android:...

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I WANT TO JUST WRITE IT ONCE, INSTEAD OF WRITING IT ON EACH SOCIAL NETWORK?! Here is another question we get asked a fair bit. Social networking can be a tiresome task for small business owners, but seems to be a necessity these days. Thankfully there are a few ways...

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