Using 3D Printing for Injection Moulding

Nov 20, 2017 | Uncategorised


This is just a short article as a starting resource for anyone interested in the potentially cost-effective benefits of 3D Printing Injection moulding tools! Traditionally you would associate Mould tools with expensive machined or formed metal tooling. This can be a great option for small-batch production.


SLA: Siting as a starting source of information: “Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing provides a cost-effective alternative to machining molds. SLA parts are fully solid and isotropic, meaning that they can withstand the pressure of low-volume injection molding.”

Resin: Epoxy tools are also a potential option, created by moulding a tool from an existing object- This object can be 3D printed.


This is potentially helpful for cost effective low batch production, especially at the start of your project or production run. The SLA method is reported to produce at least 25 units with no visible signs of tool deterioration.


A low tech-option for creating an epoxy mould from a 3D print, so it can be replicated by injection moulding:

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